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theContractApp makes it easy, with no pre-work, setup, or configuration

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Base your NDA on industry standard principles or customize it to your needs



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A Better Experience

The Old Way

The Old Way
  • Countless hours maintaining complicated templates
  • NDAs requested by email with incomplete information
  • Manual input required to draft contracts
  • Ad hoc negotiations and off market positions
  • Waiting for comments back from busy legal teams
  • Tracking down hand signatures delays execution
  • Counterparts of final agreement create confusion


  • Plain-English templates validated by lawyers
  • Smart intake form to collect all information
  • Automatic generation of contracts
  • Industry standard positions and automated negotiations
  • AI-assisted overnight reviews by experts
  • Integrated eSignature functionality
  • Agreements anchored on blockchain

A Better NDA Experience

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Using Blockchain to Create an Immutable

Record of Signed Agreements

So you always know you are looking at the final agreement and that it hasn’t been modified

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  • Provided by a leading legal services provider
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  • Prebuilt content validated by lawyers
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  • Dedicated teams and fixed fees
  • 1 day turnaround time on markups
  • Reporting and dashboards for your needs
  • Engage a leading law firm for escalated issues
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About theContractApp

theContractApp was created by an award-winning legal services provider that has negotiated tens of thousands of NDAs since 2004. After continuing to see companies that want to handle their NDAs more efficiently but don’t have the time or funds to get things off the ground, we created theContractApp to remove all the friction.